Simply the Best Plant Mister Spray Bottle (4 oz)
Simply the Best Plant Mister Spray Bottle (4 oz)
Simply the Best Plant Mister Spray Bottle (4 oz)
Simply the Best Plant Mister Spray Bottle (4 oz)

Simply the Best Plant Mister Spray Bottle (4 oz)

For Cleaning Houseplants and Indoor Plant Care.
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Elevate your plant care routine with our specially crafted continuous spray bottles, designed for effortless and effective maintenance of your beloved houseplants and indoor gardens.


  • Continuous Fine Mist: Achieve optimal plant care with a consistent, fine mist, ensuring even coverage while cleaning and refreshing your plants.
  • Versatile Use: Fill with water for regular misting or use our fill lines, perfectly calibrated for use with Instant Plant Protection natural peppermint tablets. Safeguard your plants against pests conveniently and effectively.
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Made for repeated use, reducing waste and contributing to eco-conscious plant care practices.

Simplify your plant care routine with our custom-designed continuous spray bottles. Whether you're refreshing foliage or fortifying against pests, achieve superior results with ease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 747 reviews
cindi morgan
Another great product!

I’ve been using your Instant Plant Food for several months, and it’s making my plants stronger and healthier. The Plant Protection Kit is also a very positive product. It’s removed webs and signs of infestation in a matter of days. Thank you!

Ang M.
Instant plant protection

I’m a long time plant parent and when I learned of this plant protection I was super intrigued! I’ve used all the normal culprits for plant pests and have never seen something work so quickly!
I had a couple personal plants with mealies and a client’s plants had a larger infestation of them. My plants are clean a week later and so we’re her’s!! I’m sold!

Ashley Britten
Excellent product!

I love using instant plant food products. Their newest product called instant plant protection is a great product to use for pest prevention & treatment on your houseplants.

Simple. Effective.

I love the stuff from IPF! There’s no mess or worry about using too much or too little. Super easy to read directions. Oh yea, and it works!

Wendy Garcia
Love it!

My plants in soil seem to be doing very well since I started using this. I totally recommend!!