The Instant Plant Food difference...


We work with retailers that want a fun, simple, easy-to-use fertilizer for plant parents. Instant Plant Food is convenient, odor-free, and a perfect addon product that helps create happy repeat plant customers. 


Our wholesale stockists are attracted to cute, compact packaging with branding that compliments their store aesthetic and looks good on the shelf or counter.  We also share earth-friendly company values.

Customer Service

We seek supplier relationships with retailers that value fast fulfillment and kind, helpful, and prompt communication with their suppliers. Social media collaboration and promotions are a bonus.

Stocked in over 3,000
Neighborhood Plant Shops!!

Our local community plant shops truly are our heart and soul.  Curious where to find our products in your neighborhood?  Send us a quick message and we can find your closest plant shop carrying our products : )

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Elizabeth, Shop Owner

Absolutely love it! I'm so excited to offer this product to my customers. It's very easy to use. One already said that she fed it to her plants and she could tell they were nourished immediately. I look forward to purchasing from them again.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 113933.jpg__PID:bf38a853-363b-44d8-b984-514a34d5b1e9

Brooke, Shop Owner

Awesome service This plant food is actually really good as well as the packaging being esthetically pleasing! They were super responsive, the product arrived super fast and well packaged. Will definitely order again!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 113933.jpg__PID:bf38a853-363b-44d8-b984-514a34d5b1e9

Rebecca, Shop Owner

Excited to carry Instant Plant Food in my houseplant shop! I use Instant Plant Food for my own plants at home with great results, so I'm happy to carry it in my new plant shop! Instant Plant Food is so easy to use, less messy than having a partially used bottle of liquid tipping over for sure. My plants are happy and I get flowers more often on my Rex Begonias as well. My kids also say, 10 out of 10!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 113933.jpg__PID:bf38a853-363b-44d8-b984-514a34d5b1e9

Ashley, Shop Owner

2nd time ordering! I love this product and so do my customers! Can we also talk about how fast shipping was!?! Amazing!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 113933.jpg__PID:bf38a853-363b-44d8-b984-514a34d5b1e9

Priscilla, Shop Owner

Love everything about this! Super cute packaging, awesome customer service, and just an amazing product! Thank you!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 113933.jpg__PID:bf38a853-363b-44d8-b984-514a34d5b1e9

Jeffrey, Shop Owner

We received our order quickly and the response from our customers has already been great! We're excited to carry this plant food at our locations!